It’s been a while since we stopped our “Compile MP3 du Net”. Why? Because the format wasn’t practical, because Dead Rooster’s server is too small to host audio files on a daily basis, because everything.

So, we’re gonna experiment with something new: a podcast!

We’re not going to commit to a schedule yet for this podcast. Let’s just stay we’ll try to put one online at least once every two months. The podcasting philosophy is and will be : no talking, just 9 unedited songs. That’s the way we like it.

With this post, we’d like to thank all the people we got in touch with to build this first episode. If all the artists we contact in the future are as nice as those, it will be pretty easy to keep a decent frequency. So thanks again to all of you music involved people! (let’s just not use the word “industry” when talking about music)

We hope you’ll enjoy the show.

(edit: the podcast has been discontinued)