Just to do as every body in the rock’n’roll press, here are two lists.

First the list of the 5 (yes, I’m a poor boy and I have not enough money to bye a lot of albums) best rock album of the year and secondly the 5 best gigs.

  1. Funerals, Arcade Fire
  2. Get behind me Satan, The White Stripes<
  3. Silent Alarm, Bloc Party
  4. Robots après tout, Katerine
  5. You could have it so much better, Franz Ferdinand

I don’t forget Dionysos but 5 is 5.

And now the gigs.

  1. The Hives, Zenith de Paris
  2. Bloc Party, La Cigale (remember how I got my ticket !!! Yeah !)
  3. Le Tigre, Elysée Montmatre
  4. The White Stripes (God damned what a fucking stage !), Zenith de Paris
  5. The Soledad Brothers (+ Dechman ! Yeah !), Point Ephémère

Alright chicks, you can comment my choices and give your lists.