16 février 2006

Hooray Henrys at MySpace.com

Hi everyone.
We’ve registered to MySpace.com.
So you can listen to Hooray Henrys by visiting the following site : Hooray Henrys at MySpace.com.
(songs are streamed so you don’t need to download them to listen to them, i’m sure this will help you to your main occupation : "making people know Hooray Henrys’ music")

31 décembre 2005

The plan works

Ha ha ! Just as we had planned it, we have been kicked out of the 2006 CQFD contest by Les Inrocks. Hmmm, silly people, the plan is just working as we were expecting it to do. The Hooray Henrys’ wave is coming fellows ! Be prepared for HH’s 2006 year we have chosen to call "The Gigs Year".

8 décembre 2005

The List of the End of Year

Just to do as every body in the rock’n’roll press, here are two lists.
First the list of the 5 (yes, I’m a poor boy and I have not enough money to bye a lot of albums) best rock album of the year and secondly the 5 best gigs. Funerals, Arcade Fire Get behind me Satan, The White Stripes< Silent Alarm, Bloc Party Robots après tout, Katerine You could have it so much better, Franz Ferdinand
I don’t forget Dionysos but 5 is 5.
And now the gigs. The Hives, Zenith de Paris Bloc Party, La (...)

23 novembre 2005

CQFD 2006

Girl is the song Hooray Henrys have chosen to participate to the Inrocks CQFD 2006 contest. We guess that our chances to appear on the twenty 1st-round-picked tracks CD are pretty low but we assume that being spanked twice in two monthes will help us to get to the hilltop faster.

15 novembre 2005

Maybe Hooray Henrys are just human...

Hello everyone.
We have very sad news for you. Hooray Henrys won’t gig for Printemps de Bourges 2006. This is the message we have received from the contest jury :
Le jury de préselection Ile de France Rock des découvertes du Printemps de Bourges et de la F.N.A.C. (Opération Attention Talents Scène 2005/2006) s’est réuni les 17 et 18 octobre au Tamanoir à Gennevilliers.
430 dossiers ont été réceptionnés !
Nous n’avons, malheureusement pas retenu votre candidature.
Nous vous remercions (...)

6 octobre 2005

May The Campaign Be Classy

Big news tonight !
The first 4-title Hooray Henrys own songs EP is released : May The Campaign Be Classy Bitch
Your browser does not support the audio tag. Riot Boogie
Your browser does not support the audio tag. Girl
Your browser does not support the audio tag. Will You Starry Me
Your browser does not support the audio tag.
These are the songs we’ll give to the Réseau Printemps selection.
Please tell us what you think. Now, we’re going to celebrate that (...)

6 octobre 2005

The biography

This is the biography we wrote for the Réseau Printemps contest. Quite sorry for our numerous english-speaking fans but it’s in french.
« Gods of rock’n’roll are dead now these evil bastards’ve killed them ! ». C’est en ces mots bien choisis et qui seraient probablement restés célèbres que Joe Strummer aurait évoqué le cas Hooray Henrys s’il avait eu la chance de les rencontrer.
Le groupe a pris sa forme actuelle en 2004, après que Groovy Henry et Dirty Henry, puisque ces diables ont des noms, eurent (...)

8 septembre 2005

Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl !!!

Well, ladies and gentlemen here is the new fucking song of the Hooray Henrys... What’s that ? A new cover ? Oh no young man it’s the first composition ever.
Enjoy it... It’s just the begining...
Your browser does not support the audio tag.
Groovy for the HH

21 juillet 2005

In the summertime da dou di da dou da

What the hell are Hooray Henrys doing this summer ? Well, they’re looking for sources of inspiration for their soon coming brand new songs ! As my old grand-ma’ told me once : "no news ? good news !"
See you in August.

17 mai 2005

Hooray for the Henrys !!!

The Hooray Henrys are one of the two winners of the V2 contest !
Here is the proof :
I thank the Gods of Rock’n’roll for this victory and I say goodbye to my left ball...
Please listen to the song here.
Long life to the Henrys !

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